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Typora - A New Type of Markdown Editor

1 minute read

Markdown is a lightweight markup language for creating formatted text using a plain-text editor. It has most commonly been associated with the fil...


1 minute read

Meet the SphereBot, an Eggbot clone. This project started many years ago when my daughter decide she was going to show chickens at the county fair. For those...

Why are you NOT using Visual Studio Code!

2 minute read

Seriously, in the last 2-3 years VS Code has surpassed editors like Vim, Notepad++, Atom, Siblime Text, etc. VS Code is a top shelf open-source editor that...


1 minute read

Recently a colleage of mine introduced me to a network AI tool our company had begun to use. The tool allows you to setup different types of pattern matchi...

Swashbuckle Custom Ordering of Controllers

7 minute read

This article is an adaptation of an article written by Rob Janssen (RobIII) in 2018 on customizing the order in which controllers are display in the Swagger ...

NuGet Package Explorer (NPE)

less than 1 minute read

NuGet Package Explorer (NPE) is an application that makes it easy to create and explore NuGet packages. You can load a .nupkg or .snupkg file from disk or di...

Entity Framework Core in Action

less than 1 minute read

Overall “Entity Framework Core in Action” was a good read with a lot of useful information. If you have been using Entity Framework prior to .NET Core the a...

Unit Testing ASP.NET Core Identity

6 minute read

I had the opportunity to work on an authentication/account management Web API in which we use the new ASP.NET Core Identity. ASP.NET Core Identity is easy t...

XML Notepad 2007

less than 1 minute read

Here is an old one, but a good one and you can’t beat the price…FREE! XML Notepad is exactly what you would think it is, a stand alone XML editor that goes ...

Working with JSON

less than 1 minute read

If you’re doing anything web services that return JSON here are some useful tools.

The Standard by Which All Others Will Be Judged

less than 1 minute read

Meet the standard…Fitz’s Black Chery (Fitz’s). So why is this the standard all others must meet. Well besides the simple fact that it taste great let’s loo...

Website Versioning Revisited

less than 1 minute read

A while back I took a look at versioning web applications using an AssemblyInfo file (see ‘Adding Versioning Information to Your Website using AssemblyInfo’...

Source Control Best Practices

8 minute read

If you want any number of reasons for using source control just Google it. This article is really just a regurgitation of so many others thoughts on the sub...