Why are you NOT using Visual Studio Code!

2 minute read

Image Seriously, in the last 2-3 years VS Code has surpassed editors like Vim, Notepad++, Atom, Siblime Text, etc.

VS Code is a top shelf open-source editor that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac with the IntelliSense you have come to love in Visual Studio, the ability to debug code and Git build built in.

Want more? Then just look at the at multitude of extensions in the VS Code Marketplace that make it a first-class editor. The following are just a few of the VS Code extensions you should check out.

Disclaimer: Remember VS Code is not an IDE like Visual Studio; it is an extremely powerful editor that at the minimum complements Visual Studio and with the multitude of extension comes very close to being a full fledged IDE. That said, check out PlatformIO IDE for VSCode which turns VS Code into a powerful embedded board development IDE for Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, etc.