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Image Recently a college of mine introduced me to a network AI tool our company had begun to use. The tool allows you to setup different types of pattern matching, one of which is through the use of regular expressions. When I asked him what type of tools he was using to build and test the regular expressions he looked at me like I was crazy. That was until I introduced him to Expresso, a tool I have been using for over 20 years.

Expresso is a full feature regular expression (RegEx) development tool that allows you to easily build and test your regular expressions. The tool allows you to create a project to build and test your specific regular expression which can be saved and modified in the future.

In design mode you can manually edit the regular expression; use an expression builder tool to create expression syntax by selecting criteria from a selection of tabs, checkboxes, and radio buttons; and provides an analyzer window that provide a treeview with an English translation of your regular expression.

In test mode you can provide a block of text on which you can execute and review the results of a match, partial match, exclude match, replace, validate and split. The tool also comes with a library of regular expression projects and will generate code in C#, Visual Basic, Managed C++ and C++/CLI.

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