The Standard by Which All Others Will Be Judged

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ImageMeet the standard…Fitz’s Black Chery (Fitz’s). So why is this the standard all others must meet. Well besides the simple fact that it taste great let’s look at the ingredients it has and doesn’t have. This is what you will find on the side of the label.

Original Recipe: Filtered carbonated water, all natural pure cane sugar, citric acid, purple sweet potato juice (color), caramel color and natural flavors.

The first thing I will tell you is good luck to those sodas without cane sugar ever making it on to this blog. Simply put “There is a dramatic difference in taste between soda made with cane sugar versis fructose.

Now let’s look at what’s not in the bottle. No artificial anything for all you purest and no caffeine. Good soda doesn’t need caffeine.

Well there you have it. Cane Sugar, No Artificial Ingredients, No Caffeine and don’t forget great taste. The standard to live up to.